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Instructional strategies are specifications for selecting and sequencing events and activities within a lesson.

Creative Expression of CoP, Connectivism, and PLN

I really liked this module because it reinforced why I am studying educational technology. In this digital era where learners are expecting technology integration to help them learn, we as educators must embrace teaching and learning in new ways to accommodate them. I appreciate and embrace connectivism because more minds are better than one. With the use of Web 2.0 tool, we can access and distribute knowledge to anyone anytime. As educators, we practice PLN’s in my school district to share ideas on how to teach children in effective ways. As a music educator, I belong to an organization with other music educators where me meet 3 times/year to learn and share best practices with each other. The commonality of all these is that CoP’s, Connectivism, and PLN’s all share social, knowledge, and learning attributes. The trick as educators is to instill these amazing tools within our students so that they become lifetime learners and sharers of knowledge.

I created a Glogster poster on Communities of Practice, Connectivism, and Personal Learning Communities. This digital poster includes pictures and words that represent CoP, Connectivism, and PLN’s and how they are related. I worked hard to find images and words that explained each concept. Although they are so similar in so many ways each one is different and I tried to express that. I then showed how each concept (CoP, Connectivism, and PLN) are similar in that they all promote knowledge, learning, and sharing in a social and digital way. Visit my creation here!



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