Worked Example Sreencast

I created this worked example screencast for 3rd grade students. All 3rd grade students receive Chromebooks at the beginning of each year. I thought this worked example would be beneficial for them as an introduction and/or refresher on Google Drive. Students are introduced to Google Drive in 2nd grade, but they have extremely limited experience because they don’t receive their own Chromebooks until 3rd grade. I chose to review the icons of Google Drive, Gmail, and Chrome at the beginning of the video so that they would be able to transfer knowledge more effectively during the instrucitonal video. I chunked the video into three parts: Accessing Google Drive, Navigating within Google Drive, and Creating a document.

AECT Guidelines (2012)

2.1 Creating – Candidates apply content pedagogy to create appropriate applications of processes and technologies to improve learning and performance outcomes. (p. 1)

2.2 Using – Candidates implement appropriate educational technologies and processes based on appropriate content pedagogy. (p. 141)

2.4 Managing – Candidates manage appropriate technological processes and resources to provide supportive learning communities, create flexible and diverse learning environments, and develop and demonstrate appropriate content pedagogy. (p. 175-193)

3.1 Creating – Candidates create instructional design products based on learning principles and research-based best practices. (pp. 8, 243-245, 246)

3.2 Using – Candidates make professionally sound decisions in selecting appropriate processes and resources to provide optimal conditions for learning (pp. 122, 169) based on principles, theories, and effective practices. (pp. 8-9, 168-169, 246)

3.5 Ethics – Candidates foster a learning environment in which ethics guide practice that promotes health, safety, best practice (p. 246), and respect for copyright, Fair Use, and appropriate open access to resources. (p. 3)

3.6 Diversity of Learners – Candidates foster a learning community that empowers learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities. (p. 10)


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