Why I Left Music Education

I really enjoyed making this story because the content was so personal to me. For the past 13 years, I have poured my life into music education. Teaching children music through exploration, play, and experience has always been important to me as a teacher. I strongly believe that I gave all children (no matter their skill level),  an opportunity to contribute to our music creation. As the years went by, music education in my district became less about teaching young children to love music, and more about getting students ready for the next music assessment. I struggle with this because I believe students are already over tested and I took pride in the fact that students would at least have 1 class/day (music) to be creative. I have found that kids just want to learn music by doing music…singing and playing…and through this experience skills are taught and mastered. Well, I had to take a break from music education because I couldn’t teach children the way they wanted me to teach. I lost all passion for teaching music. In terms of the personalization principle, I chose to narrate my story with just my voice (conversational) and pictures because I didn’t want the music to be distracting. I tried to speak in a way that demonstrated my personal feelings of sadness and frustration. Many of the images are from my own classroom and I worked hard not to over do it with the pictures. Through these pictures and narration, I tried to show a music curriculum that was very active, fun, engaging, and overall child-centered. I definitely see the value in story-telling with children. Through this process, I learned that creating a digital story is pretty easy and could be used for a variety of purposes in a classroom for educational purposes. I envision creating a class digital story and sharing with families. By doing, children would get a neat experience with using tech tools and programs to create the story, but also the power of the Internet for sharing and collaboration. I hope you enjoy my story. Matt

AECT Guidelines (2012)

2.1 Creating – Candidates apply content pedagogy to create appropriate applications of processes and technologies to improve learning and performance outcomes. (p. 1)

2.2 Using – Candidates implement appropriate educational technologies and processes based on appropriate content pedagogy. (p. 141)

2.4 Managing – Candidates manage appropriate technological processes and resources to provide supportive learning communities, create flexible and diverse learning environments, and develop and demonstrate appropriate content pedagogy. (p. 175-193)

3.1 Creating – Candidates create instructional design products based on learning principles and research-based best practices. (pp. 8, 243-245, 246)

3.2 Using – Candidates make professionally sound decisions in selecting appropriate processes and resources to provide optimal conditions for learning (pp. 122, 169) based on principles, theories, and effective practices. (pp. 8-9, 168-169, 246)

3.5 Ethics – Candidates foster a learning environment in which ethics guide practice that promotes health, safety, best practice (p. 246), and respect for copyright, Fair Use, and appropriate open access to resources. (p. 3)

3.6 Diversity of Learners – Candidates foster a learning community that empowers learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities. (p. 10)


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