Week 4 Edtech 513 Reflection on Reading

I really enjoyed this week’s reading. I am really glad that the book for the couse is an easy read and not too dry. It is so hard to learn from boring bookssmile I also really enjoyed the videos because they recapped most of the reading this week, which helps me to retain the new information.

A lot of the reading this week made me reflect on my own powerpoint-type presentations. I ws reminded that selecting graphics to support the intended learning is important. In the past, I would sometimes add fluff graphics to a presentation and that I need to think more carefully about the types of graphics I use. A balance of words and pictures is key to successful learning. In chapter 4, really liked how Clark (2008) suggest that their are 5 different types of content and that each type of content has suggested graphic types. The chart on page 75 will help me re-think the way I incoporate graphics in presentations. In Chapter 5, I learned the principle of contiguity. Contiguity has 2 principles: Coordinate words and graphics together and the 2nd principle discusses how spoken words and graphics be synchronized. If one follows these principles, the learner will be able to process the new information more effectively increaseing engagment and achievement.

Clark, R., & Mayer, R. (2011). E-Learning and the science of instruction: Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.


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