MY PLE Diagram

Screenshot 2014-10-28 20.12.52

If you have conducting experience like myself, you would know that each singer or group of singers has a specific part in a choral arrangement. When you have a choral piece with many different parts we call that polyphonic. Polyphonic means to have many different parts that happen simultaneously. Each social image reflects the polyphony that takes place in choral piece. Each one is different, but together they create one common goal; a beautiful PLE. As the conductor, it is my job to make sure that each part (social group) sings correctly and is well balanced and blended with the other groups. In other words, I need to make sure that each social part sings equally so that my created PLE is well-balanced musically. Conductors interpret things a little differently. For example I prefer that the Facebook and Twitter parts sing a bit louder than the EdWeb part. I prefer this because that is what my musical ear likes. As the conductor, I will fine tune my PLE so that it sounds perfect and works for my professional goals and needs. When my choral piece is perfected, I share it with others (audience).

To read more about this assignment, download my entire PLE assignment here.


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