Twitter For Professional Development

This module has been a lot of fun for me. For starters, being asked to use twitter as homework is awesome! The endless amounts of information from user across the world is mind boggling. Previous to this course and this week’s module, my experience with Twitter was minimal. I didn’t completely understand the power of twitter and its use for Professional Development and student learning.

This year, I started a new position at my elementary school teaching K-4 technology integration. This position lacks any type of curriculum, etc, so using Twitter as professional development is truly a huge game changer for me. The hashtags that I followed to help me are #edtech, #pblchat, #edapps, #mlearning, and #ipadchat. These hashtags represent the areas that I am interested in professionally and that I believe will help me as an educator because they connect me with other professionals with like interests. Another reason why I am excited to use Twitter as PD is because its relevant and easily accessible.  Before my discovery of twitter for professional development, I was accustomed to attending mandatory district-directed PD and usually only a small portion of the PD was relevant to my teaching situation. With twitter, I can learn what, when I want, and where I want! Twitter allows me to hashtag, search, and follow people and subjects that are important to me and my instructional needs. Just this week I came across a tweet about the first 5’s with iPads in the classroom. The article discussed strategies and ideas to use iPad for the first 5 hours, 5 days, and 5 weeks. Another great tweet I discovered was an article about using twitter in the classroom. One main point the article shared was how twitter allows students to have classroom conversations and debates without feeling the feeling or sense of shyness that can occur during classroom discussions.  Students who can use twitter to share are more likely to express themselves because they are more comfortable.

Finally, as I dive into my new teaching position this year, I am using twitter as a catalyst for my learning. My vision for teaching technology through project based is one step closer to a reality because of my #pbl. Reading the tweets from #pbl, I found an article about effective PBL by Journalist Susie Boss, an advocate for PBL. The article shared attributes of effective PBL in classrooms and then pointed me to another hashtag to follow, #goldstandardpbl, increasing my learning network to another group of educators and professionals. Because of this module, I am now a huge advocate for Twitter for professional development. As the Instructional Tech Leader for my building, I plan on sharing my new learning with other staff members so that they can experience PD that works for them!


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