Edtech 543 (1)

I am really excited about this class. I feel that joining the social networks in this class will give me a first-hand experience on how social networks can be used to communicate, learn, and share efficiently with students. My experience with social media for education purposes is limited. I have used blog-type forums to communicate with my students and allow them to share learning. Professionally, I enjoy using blogs, twitter and youtube to watch PD video,  read articles, and learn from other professionals. Because I teach elementary-aged children, most parents are a little weary of social media for their children. I try to respect their concerns and use social media in a limited way, but wish I could do more. I have set up a private youtube channel for my music classes so that students can watch and share performances with each other. Like I mentioned before, I have used a discussion forum in my classroom to get students to think, create and respond to me and other classmates.

My expectations for this course is to become more proficient with the different types of social media available for students and hopefully learn new strategies to help my students learn. I also hope to begin networking and making connections with fellow colleagues and fellow graduate students. I really excited about this course!


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