Digital Inequality Assignment with Voice Thread

This assignment was really cool because it allowed me to try Google Hangout with 4 other students while editing a “shared document” simultaneously with Google Docs. I have never had the opportunity to use both technologies before. It was awesome! I enjoyed researching both pros and cons to the scenarios for helping to close the digital divide gap, but I also like looking at other options that might work better. I learned in terms of connectivity Washington State (we chose Washington as our focus is quite connected compared to other states in the country. It is clear to me that digital inequality will always exist in some form or another. Yes, we can work to bridge the infrastructure problems we have in terms of connectivity, but some people have no interest in learning new technologies and in essence, will be left behind. This is a fascinating topic and I look forward to learning more about the digital divide in education and possible solutions to close the gap.


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Filed under 3.2 Diffusion of Innovations, 3.4 Policies and Regulations, 4.1 Project Management, 4.2 Resource Management, AECT Standards

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